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Early snow fall near Elk Island Park

Early snow fall near Elk Island Park and Lamont county

November’s early snow fall and the drop in temperatures surprised us. These images were taken on the borders of Elk Island Park in Alberta. I almost always travel outside the cities with a drone.

There are some pretty fabulous views outside of Alberta’s major urban settings. Early snow fall and the rising sun make it such a lovely place to be.

It looks colder than it was.

All these images were taken with a drone shooting at 4K.

This snowfall was a bit unexpected. It was an early snowfall, coming in early November and setting the tone for the rest of the fall and early winter.

It wasn’t as cold as it looks, however I did make a tactical error and didn’t take the correct pair of gloves to manage the controller and controls with. I ended up working with one exposed hand for several minutes at a time.

Early snowfall