Aerial photography

Bridges over the Sturgeon River at St. Albert

Bridges over the Sturgeon River

The river here is flanked by trails maintained as part of St. Albert’s commitment to its population to maintain green space.  The municipal plan has mandated that no home in the community should be further than  a set distance from access to walking or biking trails.  The network of trails throughout the city is known as the Red Willow Trail.  A perfect way to explore the city, and a nice way to underscore nature within an urban setting as we continue  moving through the world.  

Aerial photography

Sunset in Alberta

Tech vs. the natural world; which wins?

On an Alberta evening in July my drone captured the setting sun silhouetting an ever present piece of modern technology.  The ‘cell tower’ is something scattered across the landscape both urban and rural. On the prairies and the land that rises up to the foothills at the base of the mountains they loom large as a reminder of our need to be ‘in touch’.