Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate

Sales and Marketing Support Services

Enhance the pitch to clients, investors, or potential tenants with aerial imagery. Highlight the neighborhoods that host your property locations, show nearby retailers, and community access points and highways.

There are formulaic approaches that we can follow or together we can be innovative!

We make capturing aerial imagery fun!.

Data Delivery

Photos and videos are transferred to the owner via ‘Air Drop’, email, DropBox or on a thumb drive.

Printing of photos and editing of video available. Compiling video and photos into a presentation can be done for an extra fee

Image collection

We’ll capture great images of your building from new and exciting angles.

Attract new tenants with aerial imagery that highlights the building’s location and access to streets, highways, dining and retail shopping locations.

Showcase strong property management, beautiful landscaping, and a safe and secure environment with evocative marketing photos for prospective clients. .

silhouette of camera drone flew in mid air
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Get a fully customizable video of your listing. We only use drones capable of producing 4K HD quality videos. Easily upload to MLS. Get attention; turn heads.

street lights
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Marketing Support

We can help prep images for presentations, print media, billboards, and broadcast.

Consider 3D rendering and mapping of properties

Let’s have some fun and make something innovative together.