Residential Real Estate

Add something special to your listings by using aerial images.

Give us an indication of what you need to support your listings images and we will work with you and the owner to gather them.

We don’t impose a formulaic approach. You choose how you want to proceed.

Still Photos

you get a series of aerial photography images that will complement your standard photos.

Woodpecker Drone Services will also help out with the ‘standard’ photos.

Data Delivery

Photos and videos are transferred to the owner via ‘Air Drop’, email, Drop Box or on a thumb drive.

Printing of photos and editing of video available. Compiling video and photos into a presentation can be done for an extra fee


Get a fully customizable video of your listing. We only use drones capable of producing 4K HD quality videos. Easily upload to MLS. Easily turn heads.

Something Special

Woodpecker Drone Services will edit photos, create and edit videos. We also love the challenge of doing ‘walkthroughs’.

Virtual tour 3D image capture.

Drone ‘fly-through’

A virtualized tour and 3D dollhouse style construct of a small condo

home construction progress report–medium resolution

Let’s change up those listings to make them something special, eye catching and clickable.