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Describe the projects you are thinking about and tell us what kind of photos or videos you think would best help you make decisions.

Aerial image collection will help you be an effective steward of your enterprise by providing visual information to help you decide where your resources are best used.

We won’t tell you where to fertilize, when weed control is needed, how to manage your wood lot or measure moisture on your land. What we will do is provide photos or videos that show you what’s going on so you can decide if you need to make a detailed, localized onsite inspection.

What shape are those silos and storage bins in? How is the equipment out near the wood lot weathering? That last storm may have damaged the barn roof or one of the outbuildings. You don’t need to get out the ladder every time to check. Give us a call to get you some aerial photographs or video footage of your gear.

Describe the projects you are planning, and tell us what kind of footage or photos you want captured.

Data Delivery

Photos and videos are transferred to the owner via ‘Air Drop’, email, DropBox or on a thumb drive.

Printing of photos and editing of video available. Compiling video and photos into a presentation can be done for an extra fee

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Buildings and property inspections

You’ve got enough to do without having to figure out how you’re going to do the initial inspection of all your property and the buildings and equipment tucked in the corners so that you can make informed decisions about what’s important and what becomes priority. We can make the sweep of your environment .

  • barn fly throughs
  • silo and granary inspections
  • roof , siding and cladding checks
  • equipment inventory records
crop integrity scan–dandelions
dandelion take over
field in view

Crop health and integrity

The seasonal nature of your work creates conundrums when you try to schedule your time and effort. How do you decide where you need to focus? We can scan your fields from high and lower levels so to get a quick picture of how things are doing so you can start to make decisions about where you need to focus.

homestead aerial view

Let’s talk about how we can get you relevant images to help you manage your enterprise.