Aerial photography view of St. Albert, Alberta looking south

Aerial photography and videography

Using aerial imaging to gather the pieces and help you put the puzzle together.

Transport Canada certified drone operations

Wildfire smoke hides the sun and limits visibility. Think about your lungs!!
Seasonal Lights make the darkness bearable
Athabasca River @ Hinton Alberta
aerial photograph, The Lakes, Cumbria, UK
Lakes, Cumbria, UK

Woodpecker Drone Services provides aerial photography and videography services.

Featured on Gigster in a round-up of other drone video services in the greater Edmonton area;


Consider Woodpecker Drone Services for Residential Real Estate aerial photography, and Commercial Real Estate aerial photography.

trestle railroad bridge over the Sturgeon River at St. Albert, Alberta

We operate our aerial photography service out of St. Albert, Alberta, and will travel to deliver services in most of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia.

We use aerial imaging to collect the pieces and help you put the puzzle together.

Our deliverables are presented as data files in formats that you can work with easily. We will get them to you through standard data transfer channels, or on ‘thumb drives’.

We do a limited amount of image and video editing for you.

Do you need some thoughtful copy to go with those images?

We believe in innovation and flexibility. Just because the service isn’t in our list doesn’t mean we don’t do it or won’t try it. Don’t hesitate to ask.

Woodpecker Drone Services

Alberta prairie sunset with cell tower silhouette


What We Do

Aerial imaging is a broad description of what we do.

We’ve loosely categorized our work into several buckets to facilitate the conversation:

We provide support services to residential homeowners, property managers who look after where we live, where we conduct business, farming enterprises, construction companies and Realtors, Real Estate agents and property developers.

That seems like quite a list, doesn’t it? There’s more!

We also have fun!!

Our process is straightforward;

  1. conversation to scope the project which may include development of a shot list.
  2. site survey which may include onsite walk about, but definitely looks at doing a weather forecast check, verification of Transport Canada and municipal restrictions , if any.
  3. set up on site, and capture the images requested. Cleanup, remote transfer of images if possible. Leave the site.
  4. Package and transfer the images as agreed.

Data Delivery

Photos and videos are transferred to the clients via ‘Air Drop’, email, DropBox, or on a thumb drive.

Printing of photos and editing of video is available. Compiling video and photos into a presentation can also be done. Copywriting to support the images and project is an option.

Home Owner and Property Manager Support

Maintenance scans and image collection.

Instead of getting on that ladder, call us for fast image collection.


pre-construction site imaging, monitoring construction progress, equipment and inventory control

Checking the views

Residential Real Estate

Aerial image collection to give those listings that extra something special.

Agri Business Services

Property imaging, plus building imaging.

Crop and field checks, and woodlot imaging.

high level photo of commercial development

Commercial Real Estate

Image collection to support realty sales and leasing.

General marketing purposes

Just for fun and operator training.

come explore with me

Get to know us.

Let’s start a conversation. Ask for details about our service offerings.

Residential Real Estate

Supporting Real Estate listings with aerial images and videos

  • building and property shots and virtual tours
  • Neighborhood overview

Commercial Real Estate

Supporting Commercial Real Estate sales and leasing with aerial images and videos

Agri Business

You might be surprised by what we can help you discover about the property you steward. Give us a call

Just for fun!!


Family gatherings

  • Events
  • Family gatherings
  • sports
  • cycling, running

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